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The experience of liberation is the basic state of being human. You go so deep that you have nothing to worry about, what happens to you is perfectly valid, intelligent and out of your control.
Expert in helping and training people to access consciousness directly through the body, he teaches Dynamic Yoga training courses mainly in Europe, North and South America. Originator of Dynamic Yoga Festival and Consciousness Forum. Founder Editorial Satcit (
I don’t want to be too critical or too radical… But, no, it is not necessary. It is true that yoga is emerging based on the experiences of some human beings, but they were not necessarily those who transmitted those experiences in the form of ideas, dogmas or guidelines. Rather, it seems that it was others who, in the distance, without having directly lived those experiences, narrated them from a dualistic perspective and trying to reach them as a goal. However, enlightenment, like love, cannot be attained voluntarily; you become enlightened and fall in love when it happens to you, but it is not possible to control or subdue it. What is genuinely essential in life is not under our control.

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– Continuing education. Courses of 200, 500 and 750 hours – Open thematic immersions – Retreats in Nature – Workshops with Godfrey Devereux – Abundant didactic materials – Continuous advice. Job Opportunities – Course and Certification internationally endorsed by the Independent Yoga Network.
Practical Series*The Training Course has 4 essential practical and training series, infinitely adaptable and developable. Priority is given to quality and wisdom rather than quantity or accumulation. The following series will be practiced and you will explore in depth their component techniques, context, practice and didactics:
Yoga, in its deepest sense means Unity. This is not only the unity of body and mind, of matter and spirit, but also unity of finite and infinite, particular and universal, the irrevocable unity of all existence. That such depths can be revealed through the physical practice of moving the body to stillness, in awareness of the breath, is a direct expression of this unity. The practice of yoga postures is so powerful and fruitful because this unity exists. Yoga postures produce what they produce because we are not really separate or lost, even though at times we might feel that we are.

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A new effective and exceptional ONLINE yoga teacher training with Jose Luis CabezasAn innovative and exceptional ONLINE course of formative synthesis. Rich, versatile and effective, which introduces, clarifies and reinforces the universal dynamics of yoga, its practice and didactics safely and effectively.
In addition, as a student in this online course (complete training of 200 hours), we provide you to complement and deepen the classroom and intensive experience in the next * RETREATS (2021-2022) with special DISCOUNTS.
For whom:The course is open and recommended for everyone, practitioners and teachers of all levels and styles, including beginners and experienced teachers. If desired, it is possible to complete the training as an instructor (200hs) or as a teacher of Dynamic Yoga (500hs). It can be taken as a postgraduate of any yoga training or other specialty, as a start and course development in any city. As access and extension of the Dynamic Yoga training courses or as a refresher and update for teachers and extension of certified hours.

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Program for the Summer Retreat August 2016 August 27, Saturday 16.00 Arrival at the farmhouse 18.00 to 20.00 Yoga basics: This class is dedicated to review the basics of the most used postures.
YOGA TEACHERS Teachers: Professor Veronica Belloli: History and philosophy of yoga Theory and practice of yoga Anatomy Doctor Sandra Mansur: Physiology Professor Rosana Pedrazzini: Philosophy I and II
YOGA INSTRUCTOR COURSE Yoga does not take us away from reality or the responsibilities of daily life, but puts our feet firmly and resolutely on the practical ground of experience.
BASIC LEVEL OF HANDS Module I: Hands for all. Techniques to restore, preserve and promote health. Module II: Healing. The art of healing with the hands. Module III: Etheric manual therapy. Regulation
PROGRAM OF THE COURSE “Training for the Development of Contents in Sports, Visual and Musical Arts” Degree in Pedagogy Department of Physical Education and Sports Faculty of Education Science